How to Use Exception and Mobile Themes

Support.ini File

The support.ini file located in a theme directory ('root/themes/your_theme') shows the lowest version of a device and a browser that is supported by the system.

The entries in the support.ini file have the following format:

  • ;device=min version
  • ;browser=min version

You can use an exception theme when the website is opened with an earlier version of a browser/device. For example, if you remove the comment character (;) in front of "firefox=5", when the website is opened with Mozilla Firefox version earlier than 5, it will use an exception theme.


Adding an Exception Theme

You can download the example exception theme and put its content in the 'root/themes/your_theme/exception' directory.

Using a Mobile Exception Theme

If you remove the comment character in front of "android=0", when the website is opened with any Android version it will use the mobile theme located in the 'root/themes/your_theme/exception/mobile' directory.

Below is the full list of mobile devices that the system recognizes:

"android" 		=> "android.*mobile",
"androidtablet" 	=> "android(?!.*mobile)",
"blackberry" 		=> "blackberry",
"blackberrytablet" 	=> "rim tablet os",
"iphone" 		=> "(iphone|ipod)",
"ipad" 			=> "(ipad)",
"palm" 			=> "(avantgo|blazer|elaine|hiptop|palm|plucker|xiino)",
"windows" 		=> "windows ce; (iemobile|ppc|smartphone)",
"windowsphone" 	        => "windows phone os",
"generic" 		=> "(kindle|mobile|mmp|midp|pocket|psp|symbian|smartphone|treo|up.browser|up.l
ink|vodafone|wap|opera mini)"