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SBND F&CMS is a modern object oriented PHP based framework that could be very helpful to programmers with OOP knowledge. The content management system (CMS) part could also be very useful to people without any programming skills.


Some of SBND F&CMS advantages:

  • Fast Custom Programing

    Fast Custom Programing

    Allows you to build and register your own components with custom functionality within minutes.

  • Using Native PHP

    Using Native PHP
    Classes & Functions

    We were careful not to use any extensions that might bring difficulties for future upgrades or migrations. Of course, this guarantees the high performance too.

  • Extra Components For The Most Common Web Features

    Extra Components For The Most Common Web Features

    Available for download and ready to use in your projects. Configured within minutes by following simple installation instructions.

  • Built-In Database Engine

    Built-In Database Engine

    Has built-in engine for generating database tables and fields based on the structure defined for the module, so no manually creation and database tables and fields are needed. No need of knowing SQL syntax.

  • Feed Data To Your Mobile App

    Feed Data To Your Mobile App

    SBND F&CMS could be used as a Back End or a "feeder" for mobile or other "outside" applications. It could be configured to output data in XML or JSON format instead of the built-in HTML format.

  • Easy CMS Configuration

    Easy CMS Configuration

    All useful settings are put in one place only. No doubts of what they mean or are used for.

  • User-Friendly Back End

    User-Friendly Back End

    After years of experience with working with the explicit needs of our end clients we have created the most intuitive and simple interface to work with CMS and Components features.

  • Automated Multilingual Support

    Automated Multilingual Support

    Ability to add unlimited number of languages by simply entering a few fields from the Back End interface. SBND F&CMS takes care of multiplying the UI for any language added as well as updating all database tables accordingly.

  • Easy To Prepare Your Own Design

    Easy To Prepare Your Own Design

    Sample "responsive", "modern" and "mobile" design themes are available and could be very helpful in preparing custom designs ready to be used. These themes are compatible with most common web browsers and are scalable for mobile devices, tablets, etc.

  • Template Engine

    Template Engine

    Use a simple built-in Template Engine to apply Front End logic where needed.

  • SEO Readiness

    SEO Readiness

    The downloaded instance is ready for future SEO activities. It takes care of many SEO requirements in advance, such as user-friendly links, page titles, meta words, meta descriptions. The framework automatically generates required for the search engine robots files, sitemap files, files that help Google find the website, etc.